The management of the University of The Gambia hereby warns the members of the general public about the activities of some unscrupulous individuals, land speculators and corporate entities who purports to own and consequently attempt to encroach upon the university’s parcel of land at the Faraba Banta campus of the university which shares boundaries with Pirang, Jiboro Kuta, Faraba Banta, Duwa Suu and Basori.

In specific terms, these unscrupulous individuals and land speculators are focusing their nefarious activities at the university’s parcels of land bordering:
(1) the Pirang bridge, which comprises vast areas of land that spans up to the construction site and unto the residential quarters occupied by Shapporji contractors
(2) the border at the Faraba bridge covering all the vast areas of land behind the UTG mosque.

Members of the general public are hereby advised in their own best interest to avoid all dealings whatsoever and howsoever with any person, group of persons or corporate entities, pertaining to the entire parcels of land belonging to the university at Faraba Campus as herein- before described.
Any person or group of persons who transacts any dealings on the afore-mentioned university parcels of land does so at his or her own risk and will be visited upon with the dire consequences of the law.

For the avoidance of doubt, any person encroaching upon the university’s parcels of land is a trespasser and will be treated as such. a stitch in time saves nine!
Do reach out to us on 3650011 or 3650006. You can also send us an email at or