School of Journalism & Digital Media

The School of Journalism and Digital Media, inaugurated in October 2014, the newest in the growing line-up of faculty at the University of The Gambia with the, offers a competitive programme in journalism with emphasis on practice and professionalism. The hands-on approach prepares students for engagement at the highest levels of delivery whether as reporters, broadcasters, commentators, specialist writers, administrators, or investors in the print and broadcast media domains.

Located at our Kanifing Campus, the Journalism School offers students a conducive learning environment. Equipped with a digital lab, where students can access production tools such as cameras, editing software, high speed internet and computers.

The school is endowed with high caliber lecturers with years of experience and a Faculty Officer, with an open-door policy, that assists students on all academic matters including timetables, course selection, transcripts and all matters related to their studies.

Students are eligible for graduation upon completing the 120 credit hours during the course of the four academics years they spend at the School of Journalism. The programme is designed in such a manner that students have to exhaust the course catalog and do research work on an approved topic at their final semester with the guidance of a supervisor.

Degree Options

Students completing the requirements for the course will earn one of two designations: BA (for those who have pursued course choices preferring print journalism). Students wishing to qualify BSc in broadcasting, with emphasis on related ICT (digital) classes, will be able to pursue a definitive programme in the 2019/2020 Academic Year.

SJDM Course Catalog

Tuition Fee

The annual tuition fee is D38,000 for Gambians and $ 4,950 for international students. Students have the option of paying the whole amount or half of the amount per semester (D19,000/$2475). It is worth noting that, UTG only allows students that pay at least 40% of the due fees to sit to examinations. These payments can be made at any of the various Trust Bank Ltd. Branches across the country. The university is notified of this payment and you’re cleared to attend classes and sit to the examinations.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the programme at the SJDM is in accordance with the requirements for entry to the University of The Gambia: Minimum of 5 credits ‘O’ level/WASSCE including English (at least a B3) and a pass in mathematics. Applicants that are practicing journalists or/and have strong background in English, literature and government in WASSCE are highly considered. Note that the school of Journalism and Digital Media does not admit mature students.

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Journalism Students Association

Students can participate in various interesting activities of the Journalism Students Association (JSA), a body established by the senior students to advance the welfare of students studying journalism. Previously, the JSA made educational trips to Dakar (Senegal), Basse, Juffureh. They also organize debates, pageantries, participate in inter-school/faculty competitions and collaborate with institutions such as the Gambia Press Union, Amnesty International and other institutions.