Vice Chancellor’s Message

The UTG continues to build a solid foundation for the future. Universities are repositories of knowledge, the role being to reproduce knowledge and insights to maintain, expand, and revise society knowledge base, which to a great extent means propagating updated facts, understanding, and academic skills into the vivid minds of new and clever students.

Universities and professors are the protectors of the freedom of research. It craves a well-educated workforce showing social responsibility, international solidarity and political wisdom. Many of the graduates of the University of The Gambia now work in different sectors of the economy, others pursuing other interests, including other advanced post graduate degrees and professional qualifications elsewhere in the world.

It is gratifying to note that the University has grown in its reputation as an esteemed institution of learning, which is paying dividend as students from across the sub-region, as well as the western hemisphere are now being attracted to enroll in the University.

I would like to call on the friends of the University, National Assembly members, friends of The Gambia and the international community of donors and philanthropists to come in and patronize the University. We believe we cannot do it all, nor can we achieve it all without your assistance.

I would also like to call the private sector, which has a pivotal role to play in the development of the University of The Gambia.

I would like to encourage private individuals with the means to create faculty endowments to support the different academic programmes and courses offered at the University of The Gambia.

The University continues to build a solid foundation for the future of the University, and serves as a centre of scholarship from which inspirations execude, and strength is derived to buttress the development efforts of the country. The University will be a centre for continuous demonstrations of commitment to the inspiring values and objectives of “Operation back to the land” and “Operation no compromise” fervently advocated by His Excellency, The Chancellor of The University of The Gambia.

University education at UTG is not only concerned with intellectual growth and development. It is also designed to instil ethical values and civic responsibilities which equip students and graduates to demonstrate probity, integrity and patriotism in the delivery of services to the nation.