It is a great pleasure to inform every member of the University Community that, University of The Gambia has finally opened the University Main Library for use by both students and staff of the University with effect from March 10th, 2021. The Library is located within MDI Campus. The New University Main Library will soon be official inaugurated, date to be announced as soon as possible.

The Library will serve as the heart of our University Community. Therefore, the long-awaited library, will assist users (students, lecturers and staff) in their educational exploits, especially in the teaching and learning of the University system. It will also provide a way forward in the research feat of our scholars.

We are very excited that UTG finally opened the doors to her “Main Library.” We thank every member of the University Community for their patience in the long awaited journey that eventually brought the Academic Library to their door steps. We also give special thanks to the Vice Chancellor, University Management Team, and other stakeholders for their resolute support to get the Library built, staffed, and filled with books and materials for use of Members of the University Community.

This Library is designed to feature large windows, painted in white in order to take full advantage of the daylight and natural ventilation. The building accommodates large reading space, a separate area for staff, while devoting the first floor to the Electronic Library Unit.

The interior of the new library consists of two floors, the ground floor contains well arrange library shelves that accommodate over 15,000 book titles and free wireless Internet reserved only for UTG card holders. The Electronic Library contains 32 (Internet connected) computers and Serials or Periodical Unit. With time, the Library will create multi-purpose rooms where the Library shall be holding its program, meeting and other activities.

The new Library will also introduce new technology into the electronic library system, which will allow Library Users to utilise self-checkout stations for books loaned. Reprographic Service Section for binding, photocopy, lamination will soon be available in the Library. The Library intend to have CCTV Cameras that will record activities in the Library to prevent book theft and mutilation.

The plan to establish this Library commenced in September, 2018, as part of UTG development programs led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Faqir Mohammad Anjum, to whom credit is given.

Once again, you are all welcome to use the University of The Gambia Main Library!!!!!!

Dr. Doreen Yemisi Olorunfemi,

University Librarian


Wash your hands before entering the library
Wear your university identity card and nose mask in the library
UTG I.D card must be presented to use the library
Keep your bags and items in the cloak-room (bag room)
Bags and items in the cloak-room, are at the owner’s risk
Food and drinks are not allowed in the library
Maintain absolute silence
Always put your phone in silence or vibration
Making or receiving calls within the library is prohibited
Discussion and group work not permitted
Be aware of the signs and be courteous to others
Sleeping not allowed in the library
No movement of chairs within the library
Do not deface or mutilate the library books
Do not fold, tear, cut, or write on any of the library materials
Stealing of library book is an offence
Leave consulted books on the table
Do not hide library books
Books for photocopy should be submitted at the circulation desk for necessary action
Borrowed materials must be returned within the loan period: you are responsible for all materials borrowed with your student card and resulting fines
Each borrower is financially responsible for loss or damage to any material checked out on his or her student card
Fines will be assessed for materials returned after the loan period expires
All fines must be paid within 30 days
Refund will not be given when lost and paid materials are found and returned
No loitering at the library corridors
Always keep the library and the environment clean
Children are not allowed at all times while using the library
No reservation of seat within the halls
Charging of handset within the library is prohibited
Electronic library unit is meant for research only