Team Oasis Crowned Champions

An all-female team of medical students dubbed Oasis were crowned as champions of the Hult Prize UTG On-campus competition final held over the weekend.

Aji Yagou Jeng, Fatoumatta Jitteh, Jainaba Jallow and Nano Kora want to increase crop yield by establishing a farm cooperation that is focused on integrating beekeeping and edible trees. With that, the bees will get their nectar from the plants while serving as pollinators.

“While the bees can feed on the plants,” Jallow explained, “they are able to make high-quality honey and we want to have 100% Moringa and Cashew flavoured honey.”

The Hult Prize is a global annual competition that challenges college and university students to solve pressing social problems such as access to water, food security, education and energy through education and entrepreneurship.

“This year, we challenged students of the UTG to come up with ideas that can feed 10 million people by 2030. We made sure we had top-notch CEO’s across the business spheres of this country to thoroughly scrutinize the ideas of our students so that we may bring the $1,000,000 StartUp capital to The Gambia,” says Ebrima Jobarteh, the Campus Director of this year’s Hult Prize UTG.

Having emerged as winners, after contending with six other teams from across different schools within the University of The Gambia, Team Oasis is expected to lock horns with other national winners at the regionals.