In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a proclamation by the government for the closure of all schools including Colleges and Universities for an initial period of twenty-one (21) days, with an extension period of forty five (45) days. Be that as it may, there is an ardent need for an alternative mean of delivering service to our students. 
Consequently, as per request by the Vice Chancellor, with recommendations from a duly constituted taskforce, a comprehensive framework for the conduct of online lectures has been prepared and submitted by the University of The Gambia Information Technology Department. Senate in its meeting of Tuesday 7th April 2020 considered the framework and resolved as follow: 

  1. The online lecture project is approved and made mandatory to all schools, faculty and 
    departments with effect from 13th April, 2020. 
  2. The Deans and Heads of Departments will ensure the conduct of the online lectures in their 
    schools and departments. 
  3. An implementation taskforce has been duly constituted to coordinate the project. 
  4. All Lecturers and registered students will be provided with internet connectivity. 
  5. Lecturers would conduct their continuous assessments by subjecting students to submit Term Papers and/or any other standardized form as they deem fit (the CASS must not weigh more than 50% of the students’ semester score). 
  6. Decision on the conduct of final exams shall be made and communicated in due course. 
  7. Lecturers are to make available to students all course outlines (syllabi), lecture notes, power point presentations and recorded videos of live online lectures.
  8. 8. Lecturers and students will maintain constant communication platforms such as Google Classroom, UTG ERP System and “Class Whatsapp Groups”
  9. 9. Officers of the IT department will provide constant guidance to both lecturers and students throughout the project. 

Prof. Dr. Faqir Muhammed Anjum

Vice Chancellor