School of Graduate Studies and Research Seminar with Professor Francis Sarr

The Curriculum Process: How to use the UTG Programme Design Template


11:00 am onwards


This is a webinar event.

Speaker: Francis Sarr, RN, Med. Aide Cert, Cert. Nut, & Child Health, BSc, M.Ed, MPH, DLSHTM, FWACN, PhD.

Professor of Public Health Policy and Health Education at The University of The Gambia

Title: The Curriculum Process: How to use the UTG Programme Design Template

Abstract: A usual difficulty for many trainers and developers is constructing educational programmes that meet institutional and national regulatory requirements without having any programme design expertise. To save time, reduce costs, and have several members of a faculty team with various expertise working together are other shared burdens that often distress. The use of the UTG programme design template is one tool that can and has proved helpful to developers who aim at quickly developing interactive and engaging educational programmes that satisfy educational controls.

To design and develop an educational programme, one certainly needs to analyse several factors to make the process fruitful. This requires a good understanding of the Curriculum Process and how it can be used to develop effective and acceptable educational programmes in UTG. This seminar therefore will on how to use the UTG programme design template based on the Curriculum Process. 

Seminar Host: School of Graduate Studies and Research, University of The Gambia