Following the government’s announcement to reopen all tertiary and TVET institutions with effect from Wednesday 14th October 2020, the University of The Gambia would like to bring to the attention of all staff, students and all other stakeholders the measures being put in place to ensure a safe, congenial and serene learning environment in line with WHO regulations and the Ministry of Health guidelines:
Consequently, the following resolutions have been adopted for the current semester 2020/21:

  1. Lectures at UTG shall be delivered using a hybrid mode i.e. (online and face-to-face).
  2. Courses that are science based with a huge dosage of mathematics/statistics and quantitative methods would be taught through face-to-face on campus. This also applies to physical and natural science courses that have a practical component, agriculture, Medicine and Allied Health Sciences and Information Technology.
  3. A list of courses specific to item 2 above is being compiled by the Faculty Officers and would be shared shortly. The specific date for the implementation of this new dispensation will be announced in due course.
  4. Hand washing – All students, lecturers, support staff etc. shall wash hands with soap and bleached water (when visibly dirty) and with alcohol-based sanitizer (when not dirty) before entering the lecture hall/class room.
  5. Wearing of Face mask – to block respiratory transmission and protect self and others, it is compulsory for all students and lecturers to wear a face mask before entering and while in the lecture hall/classroom
  6. Body Temperature check—every student, lecturer, or staff shall have his/her body temperature checked with the aid of an infrared thermometer before entering a lecture hall/classroom. Anybody registering a body temperature of 38 degree centigrade or higher shall NOT be allowed to enter the lecture hall /class room and shall also be referred to the Emergency Response Call Center on 1025 .
  7. Social/Physical distancing – Students and lecturers shall at all times adhere to this rule while on campus
  8. Respiratory hygiene—while in the lecture hall/room coughing or sneezing shall be done into the bent elbow of the individual—also, as much as possible, avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose.
  9. Air Ventilation—to facilitate the free flow of fresh air into the lecture hall/room, all windows shall be left open in the course of a lecture. Where applicable fans shall also be operated to compliment natural ventilation.