In observance of the Current COVID 19 guidelines and regulations, please kindly send all your financial related enquiries to We would be attending to students’ enquires within 24 hours after receiving your email relating to provision of Invoices, status of account, purchase of application forms and any other finance related transaction with the University.

Continuing students are required to send copies of Deferral letters, if any, for accurate balance reporting. All students are required to provide their MAT # and the Program enrolled when enquiries are being made.
Where it is assessed to be necessary to visit the Finance Office, an appointment will be scheduled appropriately. Currently we are providing very limited face to face service as we work on alternate days.

As we may not know who may be carrying the virus, let’s save each other’s life and keep the distance. As required, you are obliged to wear your mask when in the University Campus to save life. The objective of this temporary arrangement is to minimize queues at the Finance Department with its limited Space thus maintaining social distancing during the New Semester. Stay home and Stay Safe. We can solve your issues online and save your life, time and money.