Job Title: Deputy Vice-Chancellor Management

Reports to: Vice-Chancellor
Job Family: Administration

Job Overview

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) Management who is directly answerable to the Vice-Chancellor (VC) shall assist the Vice Chancellor in the performance of his/her management functions; and in that regard shall be responsible for the planning and development of the University.
This will include developing business plans, management systems and control processes to promote policy and procedural compliance and efficiency within the UTG; developing, directing and implementing responsive, proactive, sound and accountable fiscal, budget and human resources. He/she will represent the UTG in collective bargaining negotiations and administration, including labor relations, grievance management, benefit administration, contract interpretations, workers’ compensation, etc.
He/she will also serve as the administrative advisor to the Vice Chancellor in determining appropriate allocations to UTG programmes based on the evaluation of programme needs, requests and requirements.
He/she shall hold office for 3 years and may be eligible for reappointment for one term with the sanction of the Senate and Council.

Key responsibilities
Leadership and governance
Work in close collaboration with the VC, University Registrar, Deans, and Directors in executing his/her functions.
Advise the Vice-Chancellor on management matters.
Oversee the following units/departments: Procurement, Facilities, University Relations, Sports and Recreation, and HR (Senior Faculty and Staff matters).
Advise the Vice Chancellor on legislative issues and proposals based on anticipated trends, issues and concerns which include analyzing, preparing, and defending the UTG’s budgets and requests
Oversee the day-to-day running of the University in the absence of VC and DVC Academic.
Assist VC in fund raising or mobilization of resources and ensure that funds are wisely utilize.
Represent the institution or promote its objectives at official functions or delegate representatives to do so.

Strategic and Business planning

Supervise the planning and implementation of UTG Business Plan
Lead the development of UTG’s long term Strategic Plan
Monitor and coordinate the development and implementation of departmental sub-plans to ensure that quality is attained.
Oversee financial management processes including budgeting, financial monitoring and resource mobilization
Conduct periodic audits and reviews of fiscal and financial records to ensure that proper accounting and internal procedures have been developed and followed, including the preparation of contracts, specifications and procurement procedures
Facilitate, supports and enhances opportunities for the UTG to engage in new and innovative entrepreneurship initiatives by assisting faculty, staff and administrators in the management and development of such projects.
Contribute to the development of an annual UTG “fact book” about the institution that summarizes the achievements, programs, progress, and facilities of UTG
Human resource development
Initiate and implement institutional and staff development projects
Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy
Administer human resources functions for faculty and staff including appointments, terminations and changes to appointments, which include ensuring that laws, policies and procedures are followed.
Oversee, manage and monitor a performance appraisal system that drives high performance of various Directorates under the office of the DVC Management and give necessary suggestions for improvement
Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management


Analyze and preparing long- and short-range facilities planning and development programs
Oversee the planning and construction of UTG’s infrastructural repairs and maintenance.
Supervise Works and Facilities Department and Procurement Unit, and chair the House Allocation and Procurement Committees.
Liaise with Unit heads, administrators, faculty, public organizations and private businesses
Serve as member of various committees as enshrined in UTG Conditions of Services.
Perform other management functions as may be delegated to him/her by the Vice Chancellor or assigned by the University Governing Council.

Skills required

Experience in business, strategic and institutional planning.
Knowledge of HR systems and databases, labor relations and negotiation.
Experience in the financial administration in higher education including budgeting skills, basic financial management and monitoring.
Strategic and analytical thinking.
Proven success in obtaining external funding resources.
Strong listening and interpersonal negotiation skills.
Excellent presentation skills.
Strong writing skills.
Advanced computer literacy skills and experience with use of HR, statistical and Microsoft word package software.
Demonstrable ability to analyze and interpret data for decision making.
Research skills and publications in peer review journals would be an advantage.

Key performance indicators

Strategic Plan developed and implemented
Business Plan developed and implemented
Annual resources mobilized for UTG
Annual report of analysis of anticipated trends, issues and concerns affecting UTG
Effective and functional performance appraisal systems

Qualification and Experience

Must hold a PhD degree in relevant field
Professor as per criteria enshrined in Conditions of Service of the University of The Gambia (UTG) and 10 years post qualification experience preferably in University administration or institutions of similar standing the last four of which shall be at Senior Management level are required.
Experience as Dean/Provost, Head of Department, Chair of Academic Committees will be an added advantage.
Management training and experience in leading strategic planning and/or curriculum development.
Leadership – evidence of strategic leadership and management in a University level or equivalent in government or reputable organizations.
Resource Mobilization — excellent track records of resource mobilization for University or similar Organization and ability to coordinate a successful investment of the resource mobilized.

: An attractive remuneration package. Additional benefits includes housing, transport and medical facilities in accordance with UTG Conditions of Service.


All applications should be addressed to:
The Director of Human Resources
University of The Gambia
P.O Box 3530, Serrekunda
The Gambia
Or Email: Mr. Momodou Lamin Tarro ( and copied to
Not later than 31st July, 2020. Shortlisted candidates shall be invited for interview at short notice and successful applicant should be available to assume duty immediately.