Job Openings: University of the Gambia (UTG)

Opening Date: 8th December 2020
Closing Date: 18th December, 2020

The University of The Gambia, the premier University in The Gambia offers various degrees at different levels in different fields. UTG being an equal employment opportunity provider respects the legally protected universal characteristics. As such, qualified and experienced persons are encouraged to apply for the following Academic & Administrative positions: Professors, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturers, Laboratories and Broadcast Studios Assistant and Director of Planning and Quality Assurance


  1. Professor of Journalism (PhD)-One position
  2. Associate Professor of Journalism (PhD)-One position
  3. Senior Lecturer in Journalism (PhD)-One position
  4. Laboratories and Broadcast Studios Assistant (HND)-One position


  1. Professor of Education (PhD)-One position
  2. Associate Professor of Education (PhD)-One position
    3 Senior Lecturer (Education)-PhD-One position


  1. Professor of Economics/Management/Public Admin (PhD)-One position

Professor of ICT (PhD) – One position
Associate Professor (PhD)-One position
Senior Lecturer -PhD-One position

Professor of Physics (PhD) – One position
Associate Professor of Physics (PhD)-One position
Senior Lecturer Physics -PhD-One position
Professor of Chemistry (PhD) – One position
Associate Professor of Chemistry (PhD)-One position
Senior Lecturer Chemistry -PhD-One position

Professor of Biology (PhD) – One position
Associate Professor of Biology (PhD)-One position
Senior Lecturer Biology -PhD-One position

Professor of Mathematics (PhD) – One position
Associate Professor of Mathematics (PhD)-One position

English Language
Professor of English Language (PhD) – One position

Laboratory Medicine
Professor of Anatomical Pathology – One position
Senior Lecturer Pathology – One position
Lecturer I in Pathology – One position
Lecturer I in Microbiology – One Position

Professor of Paediatrics
Lecturer I in Paediatrics

Internal Medicine
Senior Lecturer in Internal Medicine
FT Lecturer I in internal medicine (nephrology, cardiology or ID)
Lecturer I in Surgery (orthopaedics)

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Job Title: Lecturer
Job Family: Academic
Reports to: Head of Department

Job Overview
As Lecturer, you will be directly answerable to the Head of Department and be responsible for teaching, grading, taking time with students to check and assess their assignments and research works. Engage with the broader Scholarly and Professional Communities and carry out research and produce publications in reputable journals.

Qualification and Experience
The minimum qualification required for the Lecturer positions is PhD degree in the subject of interest or related field and a relevant 5 years of experience in teaching with a renowned University and a very advanced communication and organizational skills are required.

Job Title: Laboratories and Broadcast Studios Assistant (HND)
Job Family: Administration
Reports to: The Dean, School of Journalism

Job Overview
The successful candidate will be responsible for the upkeep of the equipment and machinery in operation in the laboratories and studio and the setting up required exhibits, and of the keeping of an audited inventory of such equipment and materials at the disposal of the laboratories and studio. The employee will also be responsible to teach classes, take time with the students to check assignments and engage with them in the creation of broader scholarly and professional elements related to their training.
Qualification & Experience:
The minimum qualification required for the position is Higher National Diploma (HND) in Information Technology and Communication (ITC) from a recognized institute or college and with at least 3 years of working experience in a reputable IT unit.

Job Title: Director of Planning and Quality Assurance
Job Family: Academic
Dual Reporting Lines Administratively Reports to: Vice-Chancellor Presents Quarterly Internal Quality Assurance Report to the Governing Council

Job Overview
Director of Planning and Quality Assurance (DPQA) shall be responsible for planning and developing the strategic plan of the University of The Gambia in consultation with faculties. The Director shall also coordinate the implementation of the strategic and operational plans of the university and develop, implement and maintain a quality assurance policy in line with national regulations and standards as well as to identify quality gaps for improvement in the university and recommend appropriate solutions. The Director of Planning and Quality Assurance shall be the process owner for the institutional and programmes accreditation processes.
Qualifications and Experience
Five (5) years of experience in a similar post with at least a PhD degree in any of the following disciplines is required: Planning, Quality Assurance or Quality Management, Human Resource 7 Management, Management, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or any other related field from a recognized University. Participation in executive level managerial seminars/conferences will be an added advantage as well. A strong background in educational policy formulation and strategies are equally required

Application by E-mail ONLY
Please address all applications to Human Resource Director, University of The Gambia, Peace Building, Kanifing Campus: