Exploring Global Collaborations: UTG to Host Maiden International Staff Week with University of Jaen, Spain

The University of The Gambia is proud to announce that it will hold its maiden International Staff Week in collaboration with the University of Jaen, Spain. This exciting event is set to bring together more than twenty delegates from Spain, fostering enriching interactions with UTG staff members.

Key Activities Include:

Inauguration of the International Staff Week: A momentous beginning to a week of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Erasmus+ Student & Staff Exchange: Facilitating cross-cultural learning experiences through the renowned Erasmus+ Mobility program.

International Development Cooperation: Delving into impactful discussions on global development cooperation.

Visit to Cultural/Tourist Sites: Exploring the vibrant culture and heritage of The Gambia.

Internationalization of Higher Education: Sharing insights and strategies for the global integration of higher education.

Presentation of UTG’s Experiential Learning: Showcasing UTG’s commitment to experiential and practical learning approaches.

This week-long program reflects UTG’s dedication to fostering international collaborations and providing its academic community with valuable global perspectives. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture as we embark on this journey of knowledge sharing and cultural exchange.

For more information, contact 3650012 or 3650084.