Digital Transformation Underway at the University of The Gambia

The University of The Gambia has successfully concluded a three-day workshop on Open and Distance Learning (ODL), which focused on Instructional Design and Course Material Development through the use of Open Educational Resources (OER).

The initiative was undertaken in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and aimed to explore innovative approaches to education, to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. As a result of the project, UTG will be equipped to deliver online courses to its diverse group of students, both within The Gambia and beyond. The University Senate has approved the ODL Policy, marking a significant step forward in UTG’s efforts to enhance its educational offerings.

The project is expected to enable UTG to provide a high-quality, flexible, and accessible learning experience to its students, regardless of their location or circumstances. The workshop was designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create effective and engaging online courses using OER. The workshop covered a range of topics, including instructional design, multimedia development, and content creation, as well as strategies for assessing and evaluating online learning. The workshop also provided an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and learn from each other, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning community.

The project is a testament to UTG’s commitment to innovation and excellence in education. It represents a significant milestone in the University’s efforts to expand access to high-quality education and to foster a culture of lifelong learning.

Together, we’re reshaping the future of education at UTG!