Celebrating Dr. Morro Krubally’s Literary Achievement!

The University of The Gambia is overjoyed to announce and celebrate the remarkable literary achievement of Dr. Morro Krubally, a distinguished member of our academic community. His maiden book, titled “SENEGAMBIA-Unity Is Our Salvation,” work has caught the eyes of experts and was also awarded a cash prize of almost D500,000.

The book, characterized by its meticulous binding, precision, and conciseness, has become a source of pride for ‘Basserians’ and a captivating exploration of the theme of Senegambian unity. A jury, tasked with recognizing excellence in well-published works that contribute to the understanding of Senegambia’s historical and cultural landscape, unanimously acknowledged Dr. Krubally’s exceptional contribution.

The award ceremony, attended by Dr. Krubally’s family, friends, a high-level delegation from Senegal, and the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, was a momentous occasion that highlighted the significance of his literary accomplishment.

The University community commends Dr. Morro Krubally for his dedication, scholarly excellence, and the cultural impact of his work. We are immensely proud to have such accomplished individuals within our academic ranks, contributing to the intellectual legacy of our institution.

This achievement marks a significant milestone not only for Dr. Krubally but also for the University of The Gambia, reaffirming our commitment to fostering a scholarly environment where excellence is recognized and celebrated.

As we celebrate Dr. Krubally’s success, we look forward to more ground-breaking contributions from our faculty members and continued excellence in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.