Call for Application for Admissions- Master of Arts in Christian Religious Studies

The School of Graduate Studies and Research, University of the Gambia, is pleased to invite applications for admission into The Master of Arts in Christian Religious Studies (MA in CRS) with the areas focused on Biblical Studies Methods, Hebrew, Greek, Biblical Exegesis, and Theology, targeting people from churches, schools, and religious organizations. The programme is tenable at the University of The Gambia, commencing 2023/2024 academic year.

The purpose of the MA in CRS programme is to develop pastors, schoolteachers, and leaders for religious organizations and to prepare students for further studies and academic research.

Benefits of the MA in CRS Programme

Upon completion of Master of Arts in Christian Religious Studies, graduates are expected to have the following profile.

  1. Become a middle-top Christian leader in churches and other Christian organizations.
  2. Become a principal or vice principal at private and public schools.
  3. Become an ethical and creative communicator of the biblical truths.  
  4. Become an educator (lecturer) in diploma or undergraduate programmes.
  5. Become a researcher qualified for further academic or professional studies.

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates with a recognized bachelor’s degree in Christian Religious Studies or its equivalents with a minimum CGPA of 2.7.
  • Experience in Christian leadership and/or ministry will be an added advantage.  

Lecture Format

  • Course Work and Research

Candidates are required to apply online through and click on the apply link to fill the form and submit. The Deadline for submission of applications is October 4th, 2023. Please note that all receipts obtained from the University are to be uploaded on the applications for timely processing.

The following documents should be uploaded in support of your application:

  • A copy of a valid personal identification document (e.g., Birth certificate, ID card, Passport,)
  • Passport sized picture
  • University Transcript
  • B.A/BSc Certificate/Letter of Attestation of Course Completion.
  • Two reference letters (submitted using the portal)

For further information, please contact the admission office on 3650046,3850295